About Me


I am Sabine. I live together with my daughter and our cat in Germany.

Since I can think I have been concerned with all kinds of needlework and DIY Projects. My grandmothers and my teacher at primary school teached me sewing, knitting and crocheting, and so I already enjoyed providing my dolls with clothes when I was a child.

In 2008, when my daughter was one and a half years old, I made my first doll for her. It fills my heart with joy that she was the most loved toy and companion and still is.

Since that time my love for dolls and for dollmaking grew more and more and there seldom is a day when I am not concerned with a little creature waiting to come to life.

Dollmaking really became a passion for me. All kinds of needlework I ever worked with are united into one. The journey never stops and there are always challenges, new techniques, new patterns which want to be revealed and materials which want to be tried out.

I am very proud that until now I have seen such a lot of happy childrens`faces, children with one of my dolls in their little hands, who hopefully will be a longtime companion in their lives.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

All the best, Sabine